This page outlines the approach to making the transition from Topaz to the new Research Navigator IACUC module, and from the Web Animal-Ordering system (Granite) to the new Research Navigator Animal Management System (AMS).

Please read the following information carefully

Topaz is still active.
Topaz will remain active for minor amendments only, which include addition of personnel who have completed all required training, housing/room locations and funding sources. Major amendments are required to be entered in the new IACUC module as new protocols. Current, approved protocols can still be viewed in Topaz.

The new IACUC module is live for protocol transfer or major amendment submissions as new protocols.
The new Research Navigator IACUC module is available for transferring protocols with upcoming submission deadlines from the current Topaz system by the deadlines noted in the Timeline table below.

Transitioning systems

  • Moving protocol information from Topaz to the new IACUC module can only be partially done electronically; this is because the transition is from the unstructured Topaz environment to the more structured and standardized environment of the new IACUC module.
  • Hand-keyed transcriptionwill be done by your research team.
  • A link to your protocol has been created in the new IACUC module for your reference as you transcribe each protocol.
  • You can use this link to open a PDF document of your current Topaz protocol.
  • Training/work sessions to help research teams with protocol transcriptions are being scheduled. Access sessions have been scheduled. Session choices will disappear from the site once enrollment for that session is full.

For questions on IACUC submissions:; (646) 754-5255

For technical assistance:; (212) 263-6868